Motorcycle Transportation - Not Everyone Can Tow A 2-Wheeler

Although motorcycles have an engine and wheels and are used to transport humans on a road, they are a much different animal than say your standard car or truck - especially when it comes to towing them. By design, motorcycles are less stable and s a result a motorcycle tow requires When it comes to moving motorcycles, it requires and experienced technician with special equipment to make sure the vehicle is secure and stable throughout the entire process.

To prevent damage while securing the vehicle to a tow truck, Straight-Away Towing Service in Raleigh NC uses motorcycle-specific wheel dollies and padded straps for transportation. While the other guys might use standard straps for towing your hog to the truck, we’d prefer to take the extra time to avoid scratching the fuel chrome or paint on your motorcycle. And since Motorcycles cannot be towed with one wheel on the road (like an automobile tow using a Hook-and-Chain or Wheel-Lift tow truck), a motorcycle needs to be towed using a flatbed truck. With a hydraulically operated platform mounted on the back of a truck, flatbeds hydraulically tilt back to a ramp to permits an easy winch load of a motorcycle.

Whether it's for emergency transportation services or planned moves trust Raleigh NC's own Straight-Away Towing Service for the best motorcycle towing services available in central North Carolina. Here's why we're different...

  • Experienced flat bed tow truck operators specializing in services for motorcycles
  • 24/7 motorcycle tow services available all hours day or night
  • Affordable, competitive fees and fixed pricing
  • Highly-reviewed vehicle transportation service in Raleigh
  • Also offers a complete selection of roadside assistance options closeby

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