Long Distance Towing - Safely Transporting Your Car Or Truck Is Priority One

Looking to move and need a reliable towing service to transport your vehicles long distance due to a move, or maybe you’ve got a classic car and don’t want to put the value-killing miles on it to get it to the car show.

Straight-Away Towing Service Raleigh NC has the equipment like our fleet of flat-bed tow trucks available and several experienced technicians with the know-how involved with the towing process. They all know full well what needs to be done to keep your vehicle safe and in shape upon arrival to your desired destination - all for a price that surprisingly reasonable.

Visit us online at www.StraightAwayTowing.com or call us directly at (919) 234-5400 and one of our knowledgeable towing service professionals will walk you through the process and provide a quick quote.

  • Get the best rates anywhere without breaking the bank
  • 24-hour towing services delivery, available around the clock
  • High-tech trucks with experienced operators to oversee your vehicle from start to finish
  • Top-quality towing services fully licensed and bonded in North Carolina
  • Close by Raleigh downtown for quick short turnaround and flat rate pricing
  • A comprehensive towing program that ships everything from heavy-duty equipment to classical cars

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