Flatbed Towing Service – Flexible Pricing Options Available

There's plenty of towing service outfits available in Raleigh - just take a look in the Yellow Pages or Google. Most don't stay in business for more than five years. There's two reasons for this: either their equipment stinks, or their service is horrible. Or BOTH!

Since 2008 Straight-Away Towing has been helping the folks of Raleigh North Carolina with their towing and roadside needs, and there's one type of tow truck that's carried our business thanks to it's versatility and quality of tow: the flat-bed tow truck.

Although there are several kinds of tow trucks that are available – with each of them being useful in their own way – when used properly, a flat bed truck is especially beneficial for everyday customers because it offers the best chance to avoid those inadvertent dings.

Why use a flatbed? Since the vehicle is riding on a flatbed while it is being towed, it saves a lot of wear and tear on its tires, as well as other parts that tend to be affected by spinning wheels.

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