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Straight-Away Towing Service

With over 10 years of experience right here in our home state of North Carolina, Straight-Away Towing Service knows the Raleigh area like the back of our hand. With dedicated and seasoned dispatch operators and drivers working on a 24 hour basis, we’ve got what it takes to address your unique auto service needs.

Whether it’s planned transportation, or unplanned roadside assistance call us today at (919) 234-5400 and let our trained crew guide you through the available service options to find an affordable solution that works with your budget and timeline.

Comprised of a team of seasoned professionals each backed with over 10 years of experience in the area, we strive every day to deliver personalized towing and roadside assistance services at an affordable rate. You simply can't go wrong when you choose Raleigh's own Straight-Away Towing Service. Call (919) 234-5400 today!

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